30 Nov

5 Habits on This Old Date Uncover Your Character!

1. Friends who can always eat well

If eating steak at the beginning of the month is commonplace done, but your friend this one can even do it on the 20’s! Hmm, when other people should be satisfied with eating instant noodles to survive at the end of the month, then it’s different with your type of friend this one that does not have an old date!

2. A generous friend alias diligently share

When you’re fed up with instant noodles, usually this one of your friends is a favorite of friends of a gang. How not, your friend could be one of the residents of heaven later because it is often a place to lean for his friends at the time of bokek! From start to borrow money, to share supply snacks at the end of the month, this kind of friend who is always reliable!

3. Friends who want free

Usually, this type of friend always knows which people can be targeted for food. Sometimes not because of no cost, but this habit arises because they feel affection to spend money. Hmm, are you one of them like this?

The trick is also easy, simply by visiting the Activity and Recreation menu on the site or application Traveloka, enter the name of the restaurant you want to visit, confirm the booking, and do pembayannya, Voila! If this can still eat luxury, right, though the end of the month?

4. Friends who resigned to hunger

When there is a group of friends who can still eat luxury at the end of the month, then the type of friend this one should be forced to bite the fingers because resigned hungry. No wonder still, if their monthly money is often dissipated when the young date, eventually they must be willing to endure hungry when the old date. Usually hell by hanging themselves on a friend at No. 2, they can live peacefully on the old date really!

Usually the main cause of financial depletion at the end of the month is because we do not spend money wisely. Usually, this is done by this type of friend. Realizing that the problem arises because of their own mistakes, then they tend to not bother others and hunger. Yet if before they spend money wisely, they can save more.

5. Friends who always bring lunch

Type your friend this one is not ashamed to bring a lunch box wherever he goes, even though he was an adult. Both the old date and the young date, box stocked cartoon flagship never escaped.

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